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For a fraction of the cost of a traditional security deposit, purchase a Deposit Choice surety bond that meets the collateral requirements for your new rental home.

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Surety bond programs offer financial benefits to your residents...and to you as well.

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Deposit Choice surety bonds, underwritten by highly respected national insurance companies, provide a commitment or guarantee that renters will meet the obligations of their lease agreement-much like traditional cash deposits.

Residents remain responsible for meeting the terms of their lease agreements. The costs of any outstanding obligations (like unpaid rent or apartment damages) are deferred until those costs actually occur. Residents who fulfill their lease agreements and leave their rental home in good condition have no further expenses beyond the original Deposit Choice premium.


Our team of professionals have decades of experience working with rental communities, management companies, property owners, and their residents.


Deposit Choice, LLC is a national provider of surety bonds for the multifamily industry. Our singular focus is on serving the specific needs of renters and property managers.


Our insurance partners serve customers throughout the United States, and were selected based on their history of delivering innovative solutions.

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